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When most people think about plumbing, they think toilets but there is a lot more than just that. Of course we fix toilets but we also fix pipes, sinks, hot water tanks, septic tanks, water softener tanks, clean drains and we also can install all of the above. There are lots of things that we can do besides unplugging toilets. For as long as I have been a plumber I have seen some of the craziest things, things that people will down their toilets and sinks, when I see such crazy things, I just think in my head “why didn’t they just throw this away?” Could have saved everyone some valuable time.

To be sure, this is a disgusting job sometimes, especially when we have to come out to unclog drains and we find things in them that should not be in them, like condoms. Why do people flush condoms? You wouldn’t flush a balloon down your toilet right? So, why a condom? Other people flush paper towel, which is nothing like toilet paper, it is much thicker and more durable so it does not break down like toilet paper and will most definitely clog the pipes. Hair I get because I have a wife and a daughter and they shed hair like a beast. I feel like I pull so much hair out of our shower drains that it is a wonder that they still have hair on their heads. I pretty do this every week, it’s better to stay on top of it then to let it get backed up. And the smell of drains is just horrendous, you have never smelt anything worse than a clogged drain, it always makes me want to puke even though I have been doing this for a long time.

Cleaning out septic tanks is probably worse than drains, actually it is worse than drains because this is where everything ends up, the drains are where certain things get stuck. Septic tanks have everything in them and the are completely nasty and foul smelling. These need to be cleaned and cleared out every five years or so. I have always had a house where we have well water. I so prefer it over city water, to me, city water taste worse than well water. This could be that I am so used to well water but city water tastes like chemicals, I no well water has it’s own smell but it tastes more like how water should be tasting but that is why maintaining your well and septic tanks are really important.

So this is all I have to say for now, I am hoping that those of you that have stumble onto this blog stick around for awhile, you just never know, you may even learn something here.