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So my aunt recently got married in the spring of this year, her and her husand and their four children combined moved into a new home a couple months after. It was a new construction home, if you have ever seen the movie “The Money Pit” then you a good idea of what they have been experiencing, not to the extent of the movie to be sure but their has been one thing after another that has gone wrong. Mostly to do with the plumbing. I am not entirely sure what all went down at their house because they do not know the correct wordage. But they had to have their plumber come back out three times to see what the issue was.

Just to give you a small dose of their issues I will tell about a couple of things that happened, my aunt was upstairs taking a shower and the kids were in the living room watching TV when water starting pouring out of the cabinets in the ceiling in the kitchen, my cousins ran upstairs screaming that the kitchen was flooding. Another time their half bath in the main floor backed up and everything that they had put down in the weeks that they hadlived their came back up. The plumber was adamant that it wasn’t isn’t they did but what my family was doing, my aunt was trying to explain to them that they have only been here for in this house for just a few weeks and that nothing could have been put down there to clog it. She kept telling them that they was something in their but not from them that was causing this.

They charged her for the three separate times that they had to come out and “diagnose” the problem. Finally they decided to put a camera down and see what was going on. It turns out that the plumbers left something in the one of the pipes that should have come out, my aunt  kept calling it a cut out but I have yet to hear exactly what she meant. All of her explanations didn’t make sense to me but the jest of it is that the plumbers left something that should have come out and because of this thing nothing was getting passed it and the result was the explosion in the half bath. They ended up reimbursing her for all times that they charge her to come back out.

I guess the kitchen waterfall was totally unrelated to the clogged drain but had to do with the builders and plumbers on how the back flow was laid out, but I guess that is more of the builders issue because they are the ones that are going to redo the whole side of the kitchen. My aunt is making them take everything apart and do it all over again and I don’t blame her because with as much water that came out there is a lot of little spaces were mold could grow. I feel so bad for them, it’s like all you want to do is just enjoy your new home and relax but you can’t because shit keeps going wrong, nothing but stress.

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To be able to handle the type of job that I have, one has to have a sense of humor. So when I say “fun with sewage”,  I don’t really mean that because sewage is anything but fun.  You just need to be able to think about sewage in a different light to be able to handle it, to work with it on a daily basis and to just be near or around it. If we are being honest here, sewage is probably one of the most disgusting elements to work with. SO you need to be able to joke about it to deal with it or no one would stay with this job.

I was recently at a house where their toilet exploded. It had rained for like three days straight, not constantly but enough that places were flooded. When this happens, our wonderful sewer system at times just cannot keep up and terrible things happen. Luckily, it did not happen to all our their bathrooms, just the powder room on the main level, the other ones you could tell where on the verge but since they were upstairs it would have taken a lot more power for them to vomit up the sewer. But just having one toilet back up with the sewage from the sewer is enough for anyone. My team and I had to go in with hazmat suits because things get really toxic down in the sewer, where all waste and garbage sit and mix together. As I have mentioned before, people will put just about anything down their toilets. The smell alone can just make you pass out at worst or vomit at best so the suits are totally necessary. This poor family had to go and stay in a hotel for about threes days, it was actually just two nights but three days total because they had to get out the day it happened and could only come back after we cleaned it up. It wasn’t safe for them to be there event though it was just one small bathroom.

When things like this happen, I am very happy that my company has a 24 hour emergency service, along with all of our scheduled appointments we are able to help people in these situations as soon as we get that call, which happen more often then people realize. Sewers can back up for more reasons than just too much rain. For example, tree roots are a major problem with clogs to the sewer system, more for older homes. Tree roots can get clogged in older broken pipes which cause back up problems. Most people have no way of knowing when their pipes are getting clogged until we see the water coming back up but by then it is too late. A major warning sign that your pipes are getting clogged is when you here your drains have a gurgling noise after you flush or run the washing machine or dishwasher. If you here this, then I suggest calling a plumbing company and having them take a look at whats going on.

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